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Cambridge welcomes Indian researchers, says its VC

Sept 17, 2016, The Hindu

While Brexit has made entry of Indian researchers to Britain uncertain, Cambridge University is keen to encourage collaborations with Indian universities, said its Vice-Chancellor Leszek Borysiewicz, who delivered a keynote address on ‘Global Collaboration in Academics’ at the Indian Institute of Science on Friday.

“UK at the moment is perceived as restrictive because of its immigration policies and the current political climate, but as a university, we have always been critical of such policies. We want to welcome overseas students and hope to continue to attract excellent talent from India,” said Prof. Borysiewicz. He said that in today’s age, the ideal of a university as an ‘island of excellence’ is no longer valid as a model for science. “A single institution cannot gain expertise in all fields any more. Even world-class institutions need to harness the power of strategic alliances,” he said. He called for more collaborations.


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