Alumnus Pustam Raut has been awarded $5,000 and Hall of Fame by Google

Alumnus Pustam Raut from the Aerospace Engineering department has been awarded $5,000 (INR 3.75 lakh) and Hall of Fame by Google for his contributions to the safety and security of the Android ecosystem. Google awards researchers who help them keep their products and the Internet safe and secure. He discovered the High Severity bug in the Android ecosystem and responsibly reported it to the Android Security Team in 2021. The vulnerability (CVE-2021-39631), rated as High Severity,​could be exploited to disclose the information without additional execution privileges and user interactions. The flaws in the code compromise the integrity of the Android user data. After a few months of investigation, Google awarded him that amount and enlisted his name in the Google/Android Hall of Fame for his contributions. He hails from the Sarlahi district of Nepal.