Foreigners Registration

Applicable to all Foreigners visiting and/or residing in one of the guest houses of Indian Institute of Science (called as Institute/IISc)

The guidelines of Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) of the Bureau of Immigration (BoI) mandates that host institutes of international visitors should be submitting Form-S/C through the online platform for the case of visitors, especially those residing on institute campus (at one of the guest houses). This is applicable to all foreign visitors (including their partners/children), even when the stay duration is only 24 hours. The Office of International Relations (OIR) has the user credentials to complete the Form-S/C for the institute guest houses. The Form-S/C should be submitted before the end of a clear working day after availing accommodation on campus in the online platform. The required documents of the visitor for completing Form-‘S’/’C’ is as follows

1). Soft copy of the passport size photograph (eyes should be fully visible and not covered by glasses) in the JPG format (less than 50 KB)

2). Passport Particulars Page

3). Visa Particulars Page

4). Copy of Official Invitation Letter from the Host faculty/institution clearly mentioning the purpose and dates of the visit.

The OIR will assist all foreigners in terms of completing this process, there are two modes of completing this process:

1). Most Preferred [only mode for those who require to fill Form-‘S’]: Visitors pay a visit to the Office of International Relations of IISc (located on the Gulmohar marg (E3 72 on map), very close to the main building [google maps link]) to complete this process along with the above required documents. For appointments, visitors/host faculty can contact by e-mail: (Telephone No: +91-80-2293 2560 or +91-80-2293 2451). The whole process is online and will take about 15 minutes to complete it.

2). On-line mode (Not applicable which require Form-‘S’): Visitors can fill up the online form before/just after arrival and OIR office will complete the registration and e-mail the visitor the soft copy of form-C.

  • Choose one of the option
    • Google Form (requires google/gmail login). After filling in the form, please send an e-mail to:
    • Fill in details directly in PDF [Manually filled after taking printout of the PDF and scanned copy of the filled in form] along with needed attachments can be sent to e-mail id:

Kindly note that OIR is not in a position to complete the Form-C for visitors staying on campus with Tourist Visa.

The Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) are excluded from Form-C submission.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1). I am a visitor staying outside the IISc guest house, is this Form-S/C applicable to me?

Ans: It depends on the visa and duration of stay. If your visit duration to IISc is more than 180 days, irrespective of location you should do the registration. Others should send scanned visa page or e-visa soft copy to the contact e-mail id: to know this information.

2).I am a faculty member of IISc and organising a conference/workshop, can OIR help in terms registering the speakers/participants as most of them are staying in guest house?

Ans: Yes, absolutely. Please contact (Telephone No: 2560 or 2451), we will set-up a desk as part of your conference registration. We request the faculty members to provide a volunteer and printer to provide hard copies of Form-‘S’/’C’ to the speakers/participants. One of OIR staff member will do the registration.

3).Should I take a hard copy of Form-S/C?

Ans: Yes, you need to carry a printout of Form-S/C along with you while leaving the country, the immigration requires you to show it as valid proof.

4). Is this Form-S/C mandatory for visitor partner/family members?

Ans: Yes.

5). I have filled in the required details via google form or PDF, looks like my plans have changed (or) I am arriving late, should I inform the OIR?

Ans: Yes. Any change in details can be informed via e-mail to: Please mention your full name and passport number in the e-mail body.

6). I have arrived with Tourist Visa to IISc, what should I do?

Ans: Please note that OIR is not authorized to register foreigners who visit IISc on Tourist visa. The dependants/partners/family members of the academic visitors can arrive on Tourist visa.

7). I am going to visit IISc with an invitation from the Director/Chair/faculty member  of IISc. What visa is most appropriate? 

Ans: if you are a student, you should apply for a student visa.

If you are researcher/academician, read below:

According to the Indian eVisa website (, you may apply for a Business Visa valid for Six months, permitting multiple entries, by submitting the below required documents:
1.  Scanned Bio Page of the passport showing the Photograph and Details
2.  Copy of his Business Card/Visiting card
3.  Any letter of invitation if applicable from indian parties which wish you conduct the business.

As your IISc visit would mostly be academic and technical, you may select the sub-option of “ATTEND TECHNICAL/BUSINESS MEETINGS” under eBusiness Visa. For this visa, applicants may apply online minimum 4 days in advance of the date of arrival, but would be better to apply earlier.

8). When should I fill up the above details?

Ans: As soon as your travel itinerary and accommodation details within the institute is confirmed. It should not be no later than 24 hours of arrival within the IISc campus.

9). I am going to visit IISc for a conference/workshop, can I still apply for e-business visa ? 

Ans: If the sole purpose of you visiting IISc is for a conference/workshop, you should apply for conference visa. If there is significant portion of your visit is dedicated to ATTEND TECHNICAL/BUSINESS MEETINGS outside the conference/workshop, then you can apply for e-business visa. Note that irrespective of visa category, if you are residing in IISc campus, you should complete formalities of Form-C.

10). How do I know which registration (Form-‘S’ and/or ‘C’) required?

Ans: Please send the scanned visa page or e-visa soft copy to the contact e-mail id: to know this information. Form-‘S’ online filling can only be done by visiting Office of International Relations (OIR) physically.

11). Do you work on weekends or Holidays?

Ans: No

12). I have sent an e-mail to, did not receive reply, what shall I do?

Ans: Please allow atleast one clear working day to attend to your e-mail, in case you do not receive e-mail by the end of second clear working day, write to:

13). I am arriving on weekend/holiday, can I visit Office of International Relations on the available working day following the weekend/holiday to complete the registration formalities?

Ans: Yes.

14). Some information provided here does not match with my experience or out of date, whom should I contact?

Ans: Contact e-mail id:

15). Can I walk-in to OIR for completing the registration formalities?

Ans: We would prefer you to take appointment contact e-mail id: (Telephone No: +91-80-2293 2560 or +91-80-2293 2451). You are welcome to walkin and if our staff are free, they will be able to do the needful.

16). What details are required to fill in the provided google form?

Ans: The required fields are in the PDF  copy of the form.

17). I am a visiting/full time student coming to IISc, is registration compulsory?

Ans: It is mandatory for all foreign students visiting/admitted into educational institutions in India for various courses to register themselves. Form-S will do this. For this registration, you have to physically be present at office of International Relations (OIR) with the required documents.

18). Can you point to me the exact official website that has these details?

Ans: Bureau of Immigration:

19). I am a visitor, who has come to India on an invitation not from IISc, still do I need to do this registration?

Ans: No. If your purpose of visit is not linked with IISc officially, then you need not do the registration.

19). Can I visit IISc on e-Tourist Visa?

Ans: If you are an academic visitor, this is strictly not allowed. IISc does not take any responsibility for any action by Bureau of Immigration.