Before arriving at IISc

General guidelines for Incoming International students/postdocs/visiting scholars 

Before Arriving at IISc

Pre-arrival checklist

  • Have you obtained the appropriate Indian visa?
  • Have you obtained health insurance for the entire duration of your stay?
  • Have you ensured that you have enough finances to support yourself during your entire stay?
  • Have you completed the online information form?
  • Do you have sufficient number of passport size photographs of yourself?

Visa Information


  • Based on the availability, you would be provided an accommodation in the campus.

Health Insurance

  • Only minor illnesses can be treated at the Institute Health Centre. Therefore it is mandatory to carry an appropriate health insurance that covers the entire duration of your stay at IISc.

Complete Online application form

In case you are visiting IISc for short-term study or research internship or collaborative work, please submit the details of yourself and IISc visit by filling the forms below: 

  • For Short term students: STR form
  • For Visiting scientists/postdoctoral fellows: STV form

Based on the submitted information, OIR would be happy to provide you the Invitation letter for your Visa process and assist you with campus accommodation. Please find the accommodation charges and guidelines for booking the rooms at Main guest house and Centenary Visitors House:

Link : CVH Guidelines for booking accommodation at IISc

In case of questions, please contact OIR office.