M.Tech./M. Des./ M. Mgt./M.Sc. (Course) Program Admission – August 2023 Session

The M.Tech./M.Des. (Course) Program admissions for international students has been approved by academic senate of IISc in January 2019. The details of the available programs and eligibility is available here. The candidates that are admitted will be eligible for scholarship and fees structure similar to General candidates (details can be found here)

The details for the M. Mgt. (Course) Program could be found here.

The M. Sc. (Course) Programs
(i) Life Sciences and (ii) Chemical Sciences
(Launched from Academic year 2022-23).
For more information, please visit M.Sc. Program Page


  1. All International candidates who are foreign Nationals holding a foreign passport are eligible to apply.
  2. Candidates who hold non-Indian passports, but are Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders, will be treated as foreign nationals for IISc admissions under the following two categories:
    • Category-1: OCI students who have obtained their degree/domiciled in India. The definition of domiciled in India is pertaining to qualifying degree (for M.Tech. and Research admissions, it is B.S. (4 year)/B.E./B.Tech./M.Sc.) obtained from India. These Category-1 students will apply through regular admission portal. There will be no separate merit list for these Category-1 students and will be part of the general category merit list. 
    • Category-2: OCI students with a foreign degree/domiciled in foreign location. The students should have qualifying degrees (for M.Tech. and Research admissions, it is B.S. (4 year)/B.E./B.Tech./M.Sc. or equivalent) obtained from foreign location. They will apply through the current international student admission portal. All admission rules that are prevalent for international students will be applicable to Category-2 students.
  3. Candidates with equivalent degrees as specified in the eligibility of M.Tech. programs (access the list and eligible degree programs here)
  4. The medium of instruction for Bachelor’s program (or equivalent) should have been English. Exemptions can be made for exceptional candidates.
  5. Should have atleast one valid Standard Test (GRE/GRE Subject/GATE/GMAT) score

Selection Procedure (2 steps):

  1. Shortlisting based on standard test score and/or eligibility degree marks/CGPA for interview,
  2. Interviewing (online/In-Person) of shortlisted candidates.

The decision of the admission committee is final and binding.

Procedure for Applying

  1. Application Form (available only online): The online application may be prepared and submitted by accessing the International Admissions Website during February 07, 2023 to April 06, 2023. There is no application fees. You require valid e-mail id for filling the form.
  2. The Detailed Instructions are available at this document.
  3. You will also require details and score obtained in standard exam (as given in eligibility section).
  4. If applicable, please upload your Academic Achievements along with your qualifying documents/certificates. This may include the research publications, conferences and workshops attended and Awards/Certifications.

Important Dates

Applications opening date: February 07, 2023

Online Interactive session: will be updated at OIR

Applications closing date: April 06, 2023, at 11:59 PM IST 

Start date of the Program: August 2023

For any queries, please contact: admission.oir@iisc.ac.in

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. I looked at the eligibility for the M.Tech. course programs, they mention B.E./B.Tech./M.Sc., the degree currently I am possessing/pursuing is not B.E./B.Tech./M.Sc., so what should I do?
    • It should be equivalent to B.E./B.Tech./M.Sc., which essentially means post 10+2 (high school), if the qualification is B.E./B.Tech. that means you should have major in the subject area mentioned and duration of your bachelors program should have been 4 years. If the qualification is M.Sc. that means you should have major in the subject area mentioned in the master’s program and duration of Masters program should be for 2 years, which is preceded by 3 years bachelor’s program.
  2. Is having standard test score compulsory for the M.Tech. course program?
    • Yes. If you do not have standard test score, please consider applying for the research program.
  3. What will be the fees structure for the M.Tech. course program?. Will I receive scholarship/stipend per month?
    • Currently, the total fees will be around Rs. 29,200/- (subjected to change as approved by the Dean) for one year of study excluding hostel. In case you want to avail the hostel (student accommodation), an additional amount of Rs.45,000/- (Rupees Forty Five Thousand only) should be paid, Rs.20,000/- towards refundable hostel deposit and Rs.25,000/- towards advance payment of Mess and Room Rent for first five months.
    • All admitted M.Tech. course program students will receive a scholarship/stipend of Rs. 12,400/- per month.
  4.  I am having technical difficulties in filling up application form, whom should I contact? 
    • Please contact: admission.oir@iisc.ac.in
  5. What is the difference between M.Tech Course and M.Tech. (Research) program?
    • M.Tech (Research) is a thesis based degree program with a strong research component (it was earlier known as M.Sc. (Engg.) program), where as M.Tech. course program is a degree program that is by course work with a project dissertation. The duration of M.Tech course program is strictly 2 years. The duration of M.Tech (research) is between 1-3 years with average duration being 2.5 years. Also M.Tech course program along with eligibility degree program, it requires the applicants to have standard test scores (GRE/GRE Subject/GATE/GMAT)
  6. Will TOFEL/IELTS will be considered as standard test score?
    • No. But, If you have a valid TOFEL/IELTS score, please add that information in the application.
  7. Can I apply for both Course and Research Admissions?
    • Yes, absolutely.
  8. Is there an application fee?
    • It is waived for international students.
  9. What are the minimum scores for the international qualifying exams?
    • For the admission to MTech and PhD program an International standard test valid score like GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/ IELTS may be accepted.
    • Minimum GRE Score could be 320 (verbal and quantitative) and 3.0 (analytical),
    • Minimum GMAT could be 600,
    • Minimum TOEFL score for Internet Based Test (IBT) should be 80 and IELTS score of 5.5,
    • TOEFL/IELTS could be waived when medium of instruction is English starting from 10+1 onwards.