Online IISc-Manchester Joint Workshop in Environmental Sciences

Office of International Relations (OIR) is announce the Online IISc-Manchester Joint Workshop in Environmental Sciences, which is scheduled on Wednesday, January 27, 2020 (tomorrow)from 2.30 PM to 5.00 PM IST. Please find the OneDrive link of workshop (detailed schedule & bios of the participating faculty) and Microsoft Teams link to join the session:  

IISc-Manchester joint workshop

Click here to join the meeting

As this is an open session of research talks in Climate change, Air pollution, Water and Food security, interested faculty, students and researchers at IISc and Manchester are welcome to attend it. Kindly note that the Planery or discussion session from 5.00 to 6.00 PM is a close door and only for the participating faculty from both sides. 

In case of any questions or additional information, please contact Dr. Amita Sneh, International Relations Officer at or 080-2294-2560.

With best regards,
Office of International Relations