Tata Trusts International Research Visits Funding for IISc faculty members

The Tata Trusts have made a generous contribution to support short-term international visits by IISc faculty members during the period March 2019 – Feb 2020. This grant will enable IISc faculty members to spend ~2 months a year in a collaborating laboratory or university abroad in order to pursue joint research projects, co-advise PhD scholars or to explore other collaborations. 

We invite faculty members to apply for this grant by downloading the fillable pdf form here (http://bit.ly/2J8gaGu) and sending the filled and signed form (counter-signed by department chair) by email to development.odaa@iisc.ac.in with the subject as: [Requesting Tata Trusts Fund for Faculty Short-term International Visits: “Your name”, “Your department”]. 

Along with the application, please enclose a) Invitation letter from your collaborator offering to host you at their university b) One-page CV of your host faculty member, and c) Write-up or project proposal detailing the collaboration and the research activities envisioned (~1 page). 

Applications will be evaluated periodically (during May 2019 – Feb 2020) by the committee of Divisional Chairs and grants will be disbursed on a rolling basis, based on the availability of funds.

Kindly note that once you receive the grant, any publications/studies/banners/posters supported by the grant must include the statement “Supported by the Tata Trusts” wherever applicable. Due acknowledgement needs to be given to the Tata Trusts on any research/publishable material. 

As the funds are provided through a private contribution, there is no restriction on using only Air India for travel. Private airlines may also be used for the international travel.   

For any queries, please write to development.odaa@iisc.ac.in.